Saturday, 10 August 2013

my two (current) favourite red headed ladies: Julie Klausner and Tori Amos

I wrote a little before about a podcast I was enjoying while doing all this animating, The Flophouse.  I didn't want to overwhelm you by talking about ALL my favourite podcasts but there is another one I am keen on and that is How Was Your Week, with Julie Klausner.  Do yourself a big favour and check it out.  I am so envious of her talents, her way with words, her abilities to be snarky and rude and clever  and funny. . . about steam-punk, ukulele players*, Amanda Palmer, among other things . . . but never mean.  And Julie talks so well and with love about so many brilliant good things . . . Stanley Kubrick, David Sedaris, Rickie Lee Jones, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, oh yeah check out her live podcasts as well and hear her singing Wig in a Box, it is so pretty and haunting and I wasn't expecting that . . . sometimes I hear her put my own thoughts into words for me, I have to re-listen to try and remember how to express things better.  She records elegant and smart interviews, I get to learn about new people as well as hear her talk to people I like a lot, like Jon Ronson and Sarah Silverman, she is funny and witty and interested.

So go and listen to her.

I have been listening to Julie Klausner a lot at the moment (here is my segue) as I am very excited to tell you that I have been working in a small hot and dark room for the last couple of months making paper-cut out stop-motion animations for the new Tori Amos musical The Light Princess.  It opens in September at the National Theatre, and they said I could tease it a little if I wanted so here is a photo of Matthew helping me animate some spooky trees, which I guess won't give anything away as I put spooky trees in everything.  I'm very happy to be part of this project, I'm excited I get to ask Tori about left-hand piano riffs, Sam Adamson is writing the script and I hope you will come and see it later this year.  Meanwhile I need to go back into the little room now.  I want to insert a joke here about having my work cut out for me but i haven't worked it out yet.

Thank you a lot to all of you who bought the Flyboy bunting and helping me pay my rent.  I've now sold out but will be either making a new run of it again in a few weeks or bringing out a new edition for Halloween

*the ukulele orchestra of great britain doesn't count here because they are exciting

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