Monday, 30 September 2013

The Light Princess - Tori Amos musical - I'm almost done

it's the last few days now of tightening up the show before it's ready to let me go, I haven't seen any daylight for a few months, creating hand-made stop-motion films for a live theatre show that gets edited and refined daily is hard to keep up with, one small cut or tempo change can easily chop away 2 or 3 weeks of our work here in animation-land.  luckily I am not doing it alone, it's hard to be a one man animation department, that's what Wayne White said when I watched his film for a bit of moral support halfway through this project - beauty is embarrassing - and I have Emma Pile and Lawrence Rowell working with me all hours every day to help with the changes, and they are nice people to be around, it's been fun up here in the dark.

It's hard to deal with your thoughts when something gets cut that you think is good, but then you just have to sit down and come up with more good things to fill the gaps and patch the joins, and then you realise its actually made it better.

Some of you have already been to see it and sent me nice messages. thanks for your support.

Here are a couple of pictures of my work from the prologue . . . oh yeah, my bit is mainly in the first 4 minutes so if you're a latecomer you might wonder what I'm making such a fuss about . .

And as there is a big projector onstage to show the animations I've also created a few backdrops . . . here's a palace interior . . . it looks a bit photoshoppy but onstage with lights and smoke and actors it's not bad . . .