Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Insect Opera Beetle Drive

I've been working on a new game . . . Insect Opera Beetle Drive . . which you will soon be able to buy from the sadlucy shop and at the live shows . . . here are a couple of pictures from it

(obviously I didn't invent this game, but I've illustrated my own version)

i got an award!

well . . . look i just got a little blogging award, it's for people like me who don't really have many followers . . . I was awarded it by Cynthia who has a very sweet blog about things she finds in her son's pockets. And speaking of her son, you should check out his drawings here . . . they came to one of my shows and he drew a brilliant dinosaur. His drawings are amazing!

Having been awarded this I'm now supposed to nominate some other people with excellent blogs, (but with less than 200 subscribers . . ) you should really have a look at my friend Viviane Schwarz's page, although I'm sure she has a lot more than 200 followers, and I've also rather obscurely got quite interested in reading about Jim's life here (I think I found it when I was researching Turkey and cranberry sauce for one of my shows. Go there and have a look!