Saturday, 29 November 2014

Flyboy and Mothboy Brass Christmas Tree Decorations

I have a new product for sale in the sadlucy shop!  They are made from etched brass and then I painted them black.  Why not buy some now!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

I forgot something - you'll just have to imagine it

I forgot something – you’ll just have to imagine it.  When the vicar does an arc onto the stage on his bike I thought it’d sound good to have a bike bell on the soundtrack.  I heard it once on a TV show with puppets, I can’t remember the name but I was the target audience.  They made a joke about Walter Raleigh and a bike bell rang. It’s my sort of humour and that little thing has stuck with me. I liked the sound.  Anyway - I forgot to do it so you’ll just have to imagine it.  I reckon it’s good to leave a few things not done.  It means you can get going onto the next thing before the paint dries and you can still smell the fumes. Ugh, I was thinking about the varnish I didn’t want to use but had to.  It ate the surface off my work and for the first time in the while project I felt sick – because I should have said “no” one more time than I did.  I needed an adult to help me.  Belinda couldn’t comment but her eyes twinkled for me and I got the message and felt better and went home.  Where was I?  Eat more salad and go easy on the coffee.