Friday, 27 July 2012

PL&TN: day 13

Hello . . . I finished the storyboard for my other show and now I'm working on the animation again.  Meanwhile I also took a couple of days off to lie in the sun and somehow solved some of the unfinished story issues while I was doing nothing.  oh, actually I did read a book about Sal Mineo.  So now that I have nothing left to design - because I thought I had a massive clockwork machine to design and possibly even make out of cardboard for picture reference, but I don't, the answer was already within the story (sorry to be mysterious at this stage) - I have now started cutting everything out, and organising scene lists.  Weirdly it's exactly 100 scenes at the moment.

A lot of the puppets are jointed so I can manipulate them in the same way as a 3D stop motion puppet:

. . . I'll be making another one tomorrow so I might film that process to show you.  For some of the really wide shots I have to make quite small puppets and as they're too small to be jointed I instead make a series of replacement puppets, one for each movement.  I tend to keep it to about 4 or 5 pieces, so it doesn't end up looking too professional . . . 

They're quite small, here is the main character next to a 5p . . . 

Also started cutting out backgrounds - 

And in other news, something has bitten me and my right arm has become massive.  Hope it becomes normal soon . . . now i'm finishing early to cycle into East London to go and watch the Olympic opening ceremony.

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